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Meet Shiran


Hello sisters and brothers, thank you for visiting my website offerings and making time for your own self care and wellbeing.

I am a believer that healing comes in many magical ways. At Sheer Healing Boutique,

I want to offer a safe, warm environment to explore and experience yourself as a whole. Body and soul.

I offer healing as a licensed Medical Aesthetician, holistic facial specialist, yoga teacher, guided meditation, light codes activations, Reiki energy healing, QHHT hypnosis therapy, breath work, moon ceremonies and retreats.


Through my own personal struggle with acne, I found medical aesthetics prompted me to search deeper for inner healing. My journey began, when I found yoga, meditation and breathwork. Through steady practice and soul awakening I healed myself physically, mentally, energetically, & emotionally. I’ve earned and still enjoying a clear and healthy- mind and skin.

One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed is that, the power of healing is within each and every one of us. My passion is to help you discover the healer in yourself. 


If I can make someone look and feel beautiful as a side effect while providing a deeply healing experience, then I feel like I'm contributing something much greater than myself in this life time!


I will personalize each and every experience to your specific needs, whether if we meet for skin, reiki, hypnosis or a yoga session.


I’m excited for you to own an inner glow that radiates health and well being

from inside out!


Feel free to book your session with me, let’s create magic together! 

With gratitude, love & light, Shiran 

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