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Your face is unlike any other, your facial should be equally unique, just like you are! 

Shiran’s talent for analyzing skin and her intuitive abilities, combined with years of experience and a very high amount of passion to heal others.
All will assure she’s using her best techniques, with gentle and magical touch, using her own clean, organic products, FaceLove collection.

Your facial will be customized to your specific needs. Infused with crystals and energy healing, (and furry babies cuddles) forget about any other facial you experienced before!
Every session will feel like heaven and will be
transformative, both for your skin and you!
Get ready to shine your best healthy skin!

You deserve to feel beautiful!

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Sheer Exclusive Signature

This is our signature and MOST recommend custom European facial, suits all skin types and conditions.  A medical grade facial with holistic approach.

We will customize your facial each and every time we meet, and will perform few of the following technics: microdermabrasion, derma planing, extractions, followed by dreamy massages, masks and so much more!

This is a heavenly experience to your skin, mind and soul.

You deserve to feel beautiful!

90 min. $150

Sheer Derma Glow

Dermaplaning is an effective and safe manual exfoliation procedure. By using a sterile surgical scalpel we “shave” the surface of the skin to remove excess dead skin and peach fuzz hairs.  Followed with a customized mask and Shiran’s magical facial healing massage. You will enjoy fresh and clean look.

Instant radiant you!

45 min. $110

Sheer Reiki Facial

A full exclusive experience of our professional signature facial paired with the powerful gift of Reiki energy healing.
Our BEST selling facial.
Clean skin and clean energy pair well together!

Shine and heal within

2 Hours $200

Sheer Face Love

Sheer Face Love Facial - intuitive massage, energy healing and love. You will enjoy a soothing & loving facial massage, lymphatic drainage, release the deep hidden tension to your facial muscles, facial facia, crown of your head (scalp), neck, chest. Your whole energetic body, your nervous system, your senses… All will be bathed with love and Reiki energy healing.
This is a unique offering and experience for maximal healthy balanced skin, inner peace, energetic recovery and glow, your own authentic inner glow!

60 min. $130

Pura Vida

Ceremonial Cacao Facial - Pura Vida
Inspired by chocolate farm in Costa Rica.

You will drift away only by the aroma of this Pure Cacao that harvested and treated by Ronald with so much love. 

Enjoy the wide range of minerals and vitamins the pure earth medicine of cacao has to offer, the rich exfoliant with warm stones facial massage will take you to a journey of healing both for skin and heart space. 

60 min. $133

Make it a full RITUAL.

Experience more of Pura Vida facial with a personal Cacao Ceremony (guided meditation + warm cup of cacao) and Reiki Energy Healing 

120 min. $222



Sheer Bliss

This is a unique ancient healing face lift facial.
Relaxing & therapeutic experience that strengthening your facial muscles, increase blood flow for tighter and brighter look, releasing toxins, fluids and stress.

Discover ancient healing Facial of Cupping, Gua Sha, Lymphatic drainage and heavenly facial massage with healing crystals.

During this treatment, we will be using our FaceLove Magic Oil, 

a unique magical essential oils blend.


You will experience dipper relaxation of both facial muscles, mind, and soul with a healthier radiating firmed skin! 

50 min. $120

Eyebrow Design & Shaping

Shiran’s artistic approach has a signature balanced look that is tailored to your unique facial features, personal style and lifestyle. Whether your look is natural and low maintenance or high glamour; Shiran’s goal is to achieve the best brows for YOUR face.


Receive 50% off always when purchasing with a facial. 

20 min. $30

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