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Interested in deepening your own healing journey and becoming a Reiki healer / practitioner?

Reiki level l, ll and Master Reiki certificate trainings available in a group or private settings.

Learn how to heal yourself and others!

Reiki has found me in 2017, it has transformed me and changed my life completely! Since then, I have spent many days and nights learning more and more about the power of energy healing, my knowledge is diverse - from ancient and original Usui method to the Hebrew Kabballah and so much more! I am blessed to be holding this knowledge and information and very passionate to share with you.

I created manuals that hold all the information, during my intimate group trainings you will receive all the tools you need to step into your power and magic and to be the healer you already are!

you will receive :

- Certificate of completion

- Attunment

- One on one practice and coaching

- Manuals

- Become a part of community and receive support

Are you hearing the calling to become more aware of your own healing powers and learn how to use them to help you heal yourself and others?
I designed a Reiki Certificate Training program that you can catch at any level of knowledge and find all the support you will need for your personal growth as a healer. 


I will be excited to see you in my upcoming Reiki Certificate Trainings!

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