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During the rebirth of every New Moon you are welcome to join our monthly special events.

Guided by the energies of the cosmic sky’s, we will pause and create gentle space in both body and mind. Delve into what's behind the magic of a new moon with a uniquely written guided meditation, light codes activations, journaling prompts, energy cleanse and a sacred ritual. Receive Reiki energy healing to clear the way and manifest the right things on the dark night of the New Moon.
We’ll gather together to plant seeds of transformation and open the way for a fresh beginning! Come create magic with community and manifest the highest version of your greatest potentials!


Monthly New Moon circle event is hosted by Shiran, but the magic is shared through out the entire month! We invite you to join our private Moon Magic group chat, where we share rituals, community and updates on our upcoming events!


Join Our Community


Stay connected with Shiran and our Moon Magic community to join more of our magical New and Full Moon
sacred circles and rituals hosted by Shiran.

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